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8-Bit is a trophy road brawler, unlocked as a trophy road reward when reaching 6000 trophies. He has a very high amount of health and deal a lot of damage but walks the slowest in the game. His range is 9.67 and his reload speed is 1.5 seconds.


8-Bit shots a burst of high damaging laser beams that deals a small amount of damage each. If shot correctly they can very easy kill a low health brawler with only one ammo.

Emz is a trophy road brawer, unlocked as a trophy road reward when reaching 8000 trophies. She has moderate health and the damage depends on the range. She reloads her ammo in 2.1 seconds and Emz and her range is only 6.67.


When Emz uses her main attack, she shots her hairspray at multiple enemies once, dealing moderate damage. Her hairspray deals damage every 0.5 seconds and lasts for 1.5 seconds.

Tick - Thrower - Brawl Stars

Tick is a trophy road brawler that you can unlock as a trophy road reward when reaching 4000 trophies. He is a thrower, that means he can shot above walls. His range is 8.67, it is a pretty long range for a thrower but his reload speed is slow, 2.2 seconds


When Tick uses his normal attack, it will send three mines that can be thrown over walls and other obstacles. If nobody triggered the mine, it will automatically explode after two seconds.

Bo is a trophy road brawler unlocked at 3000 trophies as a trophy road reward. He has pretty high health and shoots explosive arrows who deals moderate damage at a long range. His reload speed is 1.7 seconds and Bo’s range is 8.33.


Bo shots three explosive arrows that deal pretty high damage to enemies within a small radius from their detonation point. They have a long range.

Dynamike - Thrower - Brawl Stars

Dinamike is a common brawler (trophy road) who you can unlock as a reward when you hit 2000 trophies. He has low hit points but deal more damage. Dinamike’s range is 7 and his ammo reload back in 1.7 seconds.


Dinamike throws two sticks that blow after a short number of seconds and deal a lot of damage to the enemies who get caught in his radius. The dynamites detonate simultaneously. If both sticks hit the opponent he wants, they deal twice as much damage to them

Brock - Sharpshooter - Brawl Stars

Brock is a trophy road brawler who is unlocked as a trophy road reward at 1000 trophies. He is a low health brawler but his rockets deal a lot of damage. His range is 10 but he reloads his ammo very slow, in 2.1 seconds.


His attack is a very long range rocket who deal a lot of damage but travels very slow.

Jessie - Fighter - Brawl Stars

Jessie is a trophy road brawler who you can unlock after reaching 500 trophies. She has medium health and deal enough damage. Jessie’s range is 9 and her reload speed is 1.8 seconds. Her turret range is 4.67.


Jessie’s main attack is a energy orb with moderate damage. When the orb hits an enemy it will bounce toward the nearest enemy. It can bounce up to 2 or 3 times in total before disappearing.


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