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8-Bit is a trophy road brawler, unlocked as a trophy road reward when reaching 6000 trophies. He has a very high amount of health and deal a lot of damage but walks the slowest in the game. His range is 9.67 and his reload speed is 1.5 seconds.


8-Bit shots a burst of high damaging laser beams that deals a small amount of damage each. If shot correctly they can very easy kill a low health brawler with only one ammo.

Super Attack

When 8-Bit uses his super, he throws a turret that increases the damage he his teammates deal 30% more damage. This will also increase the healing power of brawlers like Poco or Pam but does not affect pets or other turrets in the radius.

Star Powers

Boosted Booster

This star power increases the overall range of the super by 50%, allowing it to cover more ground and affect manier brawlers.

Extra Life

When 8-Bit dies first time in that round, he will automatically re-spawn with two seconds invincibility but no ammo. In game modes like Showdown, Gem Grab or Siege when 8 Bit is defeated he will drop all power cubes, gems and bolts. This star power is inactive in Big Game.

Level8-Bit healthSuper health8-Bit damage
143002800320 - 1920
245152940336 - 2016
347303080352 - 2112
449453220368 - 2208
551603360384 - 2304
653753500400 - 2400
755903640416 - 2496
858053780432 - 2592
9 / 1060203920448 - 2688


  • When playing Showdown with 8-Bit at 600+ trophies on solo try to team with other players until the end, then when you die, you will re-spawn with invincibility an be able to kill the living opponents.

  • Extra life is a very good star power on heist cause when the IKE kills him, 8-Bit can re-spawn and with the booster take down the enemies base.

  • When playing against long range brawlers, you can’t dodge very well cause of his movement speed.

  • When surprising someone, try placing your super in front of him. Most of the peoples who are getting surprised just auto aim and your are not increasing any damage.

  • If you are in low health, and getting chased, try placing your booster down, that he increases the damage and you can stay alive.

  • Although he has the slowest movement speed, 8-Bit has got a very big advantage against the small range brawlers. He is the third brawler in the top of range. Just behing Piper and Brock. Take advantage of this by shooting them on a open map.

  • As the slowest brawler in the game, 8-Bit has a huge disadvantage against fast moving brawlers such as Crow or Leon. At the start of Showdown matches focus on killing them first before they get to close and have a chance to kill you.


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