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Bea is an Epic brawler with low health and deal moderate damage. Her reload speed is quick, 0.9 seconds but she has only one ammo slot. Her range is very long, 10 tiles.


When Bea uses her main attack, she launches a long range bee that deals moderate damage. If the shot hits an enemy, her next attack will become overpowered and does 175% more damage.

Super Attack

Bea release 7 drones that spread out as they travel and slow down every opponent they hit for 3 seconds.

Star Powers

Insta Beeload

When Bea uses her first super in the game, but miss it, she will automatically regain a second chance.

Honey Coat

Bea retains 1 health when defeated and a momentary shield that lasts for 1.5 seconds. The star power is available again when Bea respawned.

LevelHealthDamageSuper Damage
12400800 / 2200100 / 700
22520840 / 2310105 / 735 
32640880 / 2420110 / 770
42760920 / 2530115 / 805
52880960 / 2640120 / 840
630001000 / 2750125 / 875
731201040 / 2860130 / 910
832401080 / 2970135 / 945
9 / 1033601120 / 3080140 / 980


  • Bea has only 1 ammo slot and low health so you shouldn’t play with her on maps like Cavern Churn cause she can be very easy ambushed by brawlers like Bull or Shelly.
  • Since Bea’s super can slow down enemies, use it when you are chased or you are chasing someone. This works to in Brawl Ball when your team mate has the ball, so that you are slowing down enemies and your team has a speed advantage.
  • Note that Bea’s supercharged shot can be charged only by hitting enemy Brawlers and this doesn’t work against crates in Showdown, IKE turret in Siege, the Takedown boss, the safe in Heist or opponents minions such as Scrappy, Nita’s bear and others.
  • Don’t forget that Bea’s super is very easy to charge, only 3 shots but her normal attack and her overpowered attack charges the same amount of damage. (1/3)


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