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Rosa is a rare brawler who can be unlocked by opening brawl boxes. Rosa has high health, and deal moderate damage. She reloads her ammo very fast, in 1.2 seconds, but her range is very small, cause she’s a heavyweight, 3.33.


When Rosa uses her main attack, she fires three punches, at a very close range.

Super Attack

While Rosa has her super on, she gets a shield who will reduce the damage he takes by 70% for only three seconds.

El Primo is a rare brawler who attack deal very high damage when close to the enemies and has a very high amount of health. His reload speed is very fast, 0.8 seconds but his range is not that big, 3 tiles.


El Primo fires 4 punches that deal high damage to enemies but at a very short range. His punches can deal damage to multiple targets.

Barley is a rare brawler who has a unique type of attack. He can trow his bottles over walls and bushes. His liquid remains on the floor for a short period. His ammo reloads back in two seconds and his range is only seven tiles.


When Barley uses his normal attack, he throws one bottle of poison that deals damage to the enemies who are standing in it. The opponents will be damaged twice if they are still standing in Barley’s poison. This liquid can deal damage to more enemies once.


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