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Barley is a rare brawler who has a unique type of attack. He can trow his bottles over walls and bushes. His liquid remains on the floor for a short period. His ammo reloads back in two seconds and his range is only seven tiles.


When Barley uses his normal attack, he throws one bottle of poison that deals damage to the enemies who are standing in it. The opponents will be damaged twice if they are still standing in Barley’s poison. This liquid can deal damage to more enemies once.

Super Attack

When Barley uses his super, he throws several bottles of poison that covers a very large area and deal damage over time. It’s very similar to Barley’s main attack. It can damage many targets once and hurt twice.

Star Powers

Medical Use 

Whenever Barley throws one bottle of his normal attack, he regains 400 health. This star power will not heal Barley when he uses his super.

Extra Noxious

His main attack damage is increased by 15% for a total of 1092 damage if he’s max level. This effect does not apply to his super.

Level 1HealthDamageSuper Damage per bottle
12400680 / 1360680 / 1360
22520714 / 1428714 / 1428
32640748 / 1496748 / 1496
42760782 / 1564782 / 1564
52880816 / 1632816 / 1632
63000850 / 1700850 / 1700 
73120884 / 1768884 / 1768
83240918 / 1836918 / 1836
9 / 103360952 / 1904952 / 1904


  • Like Dynamike and Tick, he has the ability to attack his enemies over walls. A good strategy ist to attack your enemies from behind the walls.
  • Barley’s attack allows him to keep other Brawlers away from what he want, for example gems/bolts. Take advantage of this ability.
  • Barley’s super can deal a higher amount of damage if the Brawler is unable to get put oft he poison quickly. Try using his super when your enemy is in the middle oft he super or he’s trapped behind a wall.
  • A very good combo on every game mode is when Barley and Spike play together cause if they have their super combined, they deal much more damage. Spike take care that the opponent doesn’t run away, and Barley deals damage.
  • Barley is very good on Showdown if he gets paired with a tank such as Bull and Rosa cause he can hide behind his teammate.
  • Auto-aiming with Barley isn’t good option cause he will try to shot near tot he enemy, not where he will take damage two times. Try placing his attack in front your opponent so that he will increase more damage. It is better if he’s trapped.
  • Medical Use is a very good star power cause if Barley is being chased, he can place his three main attacks in front of him or even a little behind, so will the chaser increase six times damage, and Barley will be healed 1200 health.


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