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Rosa is a rare brawler who can be unlocked by opening brawl boxes. Rosa has high health, and deal moderate damage. She reloads her ammo very fast, in 1.2 seconds, but her range is very small, cause she’s a heavyweight, 3.33.


When Rosa uses her main attack, she fires three punches, at a very close range.

Super Attack

While Rosa has her super on, she gets a shield who will reduce the damage he takes by 70% for only three seconds.

Star Powers

Plant Life

Whenever Rosa is inside a bush, she’ll gain 200 health each second.

Thorny Gloves

While she has her super active, her punches will deal 220 more damage wide spread when traveling. She can hit more enemies at once.

LevelHealthDamage per punch
9 / 107560644


  • Rosa is a effective brawler on Gem Grab because there are a lot of bushes. This will heal her very much and also will hide her. She can activate her super, and then go in the middle to collect the gems, even tho Rosa shouldn’t have the gems, Piper or Gene should.
  • If you’re running with Rosa from a close very close range brawler like El Primo or Bull, you can damage them while running cause they have almost the same range and while you’re running, they come closer so that you are allowed to hit them while they aren’t.
  • Waiting in the bush, and when somebody comes without checking the bush, you can very easily attack them. It’s better if you attack lower health brawlers. In Brawl Stars Rosa can shoot the ball in a wall, activate her, and after that catch the ball and run to score or walk into the goal.
  • Rosa is a bit faster then other brawlers, mostly tanks. Use this to chase your opponent if he's left with less health
  • Rosa’s star power, plant life is very effective when fighting in the bush against another Rosa without this star power. And also when you’re trying to run, use the bush if it’s long, so that you’ll be healed a little bit.


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