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Shelly Fighter - Brawl Stars

Shelly is a trophy road brawler that is unlocked at the begging of the game. She has moderate health and deal a lot of damage if she is close to the target. Her range is 7.67 and her ammo reload back in 1.5 seconds.


Shelly fires a burst of shells dealing medium damage. Her attacks have a wide spread. The more pellets hit, the bigger the damage is.


Shelly’s super fires a highly damaging burst of shells which knock back opponents, destroy obstacles and make brawlers interrupt their super like Frank.

Star Powers

Shell Shock

Enemies caught in Shelly’s super are slowed down for 3 seconds. This allows Shelly and her teammates to catch enemies and kill them.


Shelly has a yellow bar, which takes 20 seconds to charge up. If Shelly falls below 40% health, it will automatically recover 1800 health but brawlers such as Bull or others can still beat Shelly one shot and the star power will not kick in, and she will have to wait another 20 seconds after re-spawning to get a new Band-Aid. The amount healed by Band-Aid is not affected in Showdown by power cubes. In Big Game if she falls below 40% health and she uses the star power it will regenerate Shelly only 450 health.

 LevelHit-points  DamageSuper Damage 
13600300 - 1500320 - 2880 
3780 315 - 1575  336 - 3024 
3960 330 - 1650 352 - 3168 
 4140345 - 1725 368 - 3312
 4320360 - 1800 384 - 3456
 4500375 - 1875 400 - 3600
 4680390 - 1950 416 - 3744
 4860405 - 2025 432 - 3888
9 / 10 5040 420 - 2100 448 - 4032 



  • Shelly is amazing in maps with lots bushes and walls. So you have to be careful when you use her super on a map like that cause you don’t have any hiding spot left.
  • Shelly is a great medium range combat and deadly at close range. Use chip shots to charge your super while preventing the enemies from healing.
  • The spread of Shelly’s main attack allows her to easily sweep bushes and expose any brawler who is hiding in there, especially when it is a close range he will have to run.
  • Take advantage of walls when a long range enemy is approaching, such as Colt, Piper and others so that they can’t hit you.
  • Shelly is an excellent counter for El Primo, Mortis, Rosa and others. Using the super on them is a smart choice and this could push them away from the gem/bolt you want to take.
  • Shelly is one of the bests brawlers you could play in Brawl Ball cause she can destroy the walls, that allows you and your team to score easier.
  • Shelly’s super has the ability to cancel other brawlers super, for example Frank during his wind-up.
  • Shelly is very good in specific Showdown maps some of them are Cavern Churn and Feast or Famine cause Shelly’s real strategy is to wait in the bush until somebody comes, this could work at low trophies because new players almost never check the bush for enemies but if they do it try to stay behind a wall.
  • Shelly takes great advantage in Big Game cause she can charge up and use her super many times in a row. This works better with Frank as the big brawler.
  • A very good skill pro players do in Brawl Ball as a Shelly is to shoot the ball and then immediately use their super to break the blocks that could stop the ball going into the goal.

Why is Shelly good at Showdown?

  • There are many maps with lots of bush
  • With her you can you do a lot of duo combos  such as Shelly and Gene, Shelly and Colt, 
  • Shelly and Tara or Shelly and Dinamike
  • Shelly has a medium range of shooting
  • If playing at low trophies you can go in a bush and chill there until somebody comes.
  • The new players (low trophies) mostly don`t know how to check the bush


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