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Nita - Fighter - Brawl Stars

Nita is a trophy road brawler that can be unlocked when reaching 10 trophies. She has moderate health and attacks with shock waves that are middle range and can hit multiple enemies. Her main attack range is 5.5 and super range is 4.67. She reload her ammo in 1.25 seconds.


Nita creates a shock wave that deals moderate damage to all opponents that it hits, tough it does not spread as it travel.

Super Attack

Nita spawns a bear that is called to the big baby bear. After the super button is tapped the bear will spawn at the location the player wants and will walks towards the nearest enemy  and attempts to hit him with quick attacks that do half of Nita’s damage. Every time you upgrade Nita the bear will be upgraded to. The big baby bear has one big disadvantage, that is he is very slow.

Star Powers

Bear with me

This is a useful ability that allows Nita and her bear to heal each other. Every time Nita hits something or somebody it will automatically heal the bear 500 health and vice versa.

Hyper Bear

This allows Nita’s bear to deal a lot more damage. Time between swipes is reduced by 60%.

It is very useful mostly on heist.

 LevelNita / Bear healthNita damage  Bear damage
14000 800 400 
4200 840 420 
4400 880 440 
4600 920 460 
4800 960 480 
5000 1000 500 
5200 1040 520 
5400 1080 540 
9 / 10 5600 1120 560 

Tips to play with Nita

  • Nita’s main attack can hit multiple opponents once, from a pretty long distance. Take advantage from this when the enemies are together.
  • Nita’s super can thrown over walls so when you know that there is a low health enemy try to throw it there.
  • The bear summoned by Nita has a lot of hit points, that means that you can use it as a tank to distract opponents.
  • The big baby bear she creates can detect to opponents who are hiding in the bush. Try to use this for example in Showdown when it is showdown to detect last team or player.
  • Nita is also very good in Big Game even if you are not the boss the bear can detect where the boss is hiding and if you are the boss you can throw the bear and escape from a bad situation like a Shelly with her super.
  • Nita is able to hit as many opponents are on her way of her attack. Using a Nita-Tara combo works very well where Tara’s super can pull enemies together for Nita’s shock wave.
  • The bear is very useful on Siege to cause when he attacks with the robot, he can add several thousands of damage and can also defend very well. That is why a lot players use Hyper Bear on this game mode
  • It might be wise to throw the bear behind a wall cause else the opponents can destroy him before start tacking damage.


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