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Colt - Sharpshooter - Brawl Stars

Colt is a trophy road brawler (sharpshooter) unlocked at 60 trophies as atrophy road reward. He has a low amount of hit points but deal a lot of damage. His range is 8.67 and Colt’s reload speed is 1.6 seconds.


Colt sends a volley of six bullets. If one hits you, it takes you only a little damage but if all hit you, you could die if you are a low health brawler.

Super Attack

Colt fires an extra long volley of twelve bullets that deal same damage as the normal attack but destroys undercover and has a longer range.

Star Powers

Slick Boots

Colt’s movement speed is increased by 10%, that allows him catch other brawlers he chase or runaway from bad situations but he can still dodge enemies very good.

Magnum Special

Colt’s main attack range is increased with 11%, making his range almost equal with Piper or Brock. The bullet speed is also increased to reach the target in the same amount of time at maximum range as Colt without star power.

LevelHit pointsDamageSuper Damage
12800300 - 1800300 - 3600
22940315 - 1890315 - 3780
33080330 - 1980330 - 3960
43220345 - 2070345 - 4140
53360360 - 2160360 - 4320
63500375 - 2250375 - 4500
73640390 - 2340390 - 4680
83780405 - 2430405 - 4860
9 / 103920420 - 2520420 - 5040


Try to keep your distance from brawlers like Bull or Shelly and others. Colt specializes in long range combat and can easily out range brawlers such as Bull, Shelly, El Primo and Rosa.

Follow the enemy’s movement. The full potential of your attack is to hit with all six bullets the enemy and you need to know where your opponent is gonna be.

Colt’s reload time is pretty fast, this could give you a huge advantage against Piper whose reload time is very slow.

Colt’s super can be used to devastate enemies directly or can be used to destroy undercover to have an advantage for the rest of the game

Colt’s super can be used to prevent from passing through an area for a short period of time for example Brawl Ball when you want to score.

If you want to win then you will need to play on more open such as thousands lakes or scorched stone on Showdown to gain the map control.


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