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Bull - Heavyweight - Brawl Stars

Bull is a trophy road brawler, unlocked at 250 trophies. Like Shelly, he wields a shotgun. Bull has a high amount of health and deals a lot of damage but his range is very small. Bull’s range is five and his reload speed is 1.6 seconds.


Bull fires a burst of five shells that don’t do very much damage on their own but a small amount of power cubes (2 or 3) he could kill one shot brawlers like Tick or Barley.

Super Attack

Bull runs a long distance straight in any direction you want. While running Bull can still be hit by enemies. He destroys any obstacles is his way and knocks back opponents but takes a small amount of damage to.

Star Powers 


If Bull falls below 40% health, his color turns red and his ammo reload double so fast

Tough Guy

If Bull falls below 40% health, he gains a shield that looks exactly like Rosa’s and all the damage he takes 30% health less of all kind of damages.

LevelHitpointsDamageSuper Damage
14900400 - 2000800
25145420 - 2100840
35390440 - 2200880
45635460 - 2300920
55880480 - 2400960
66125500 - 25001000
76370520 - 26001040
86615540 - 27001080
9 / 106860560 - 28001120


  • Bull can do a lot of damage if he is very close to the target. Take advantage of bushes and other tiny places to ambush enemy brawlers and defeat them.
  • Bull’s super allows him to run fast very long distances in any direction, using his super to get close enough to opponents could work but they can see you coming and dodge and be careful to cause you don’t want to destroy walls and bushes.
  • Be careful when in last Showdown moments to don’t enter the poison clouds with the super.
  • Bull can be very useful in Heist to cause he can break the blocks to make it easier for your team to attack the safe. The star powers are very useful cause when Bull is close to the safe and falls below 40% with berserker his ammo could reload faster and take more damage.
  • Bull’s super can be very good if he is low health against a brawler for example Shelly or El Primo cause Bull can run away with it.
  • Bull is also effective in Brawl Ball cause he can destroy walls for his team and walk into the goal with his high health.
  • Try not to abuse with Bull’s ability to tank cause you may end only charging other enemies super for example Colt could profit in a open map.
  • In Bounty try not to use Bull to rush in enemies base cause a Shelly with her super could very fast kill and you give the other team stars and charge their super but you can still do this in the last 15 seconds if they are dominating your team.
  • When you use Bull you to be careful when you use your super cause two opponents can still overwhelm.


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