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Brock - Sharpshooter - Brawl Stars

Brock is a trophy road brawler who is unlocked as a trophy road reward at 1000 trophies. He is a low health brawler but his rockets deal a lot of damage. His range is 10 but he reloads his ammo very slow, in 2.1 seconds.


His attack is a very long range rocket who deal a lot of damage but travels very slow.

Super Attack

When Brock’s super used, it launches a volley of 9 rockets who are able to destroy undercover.

Star Powers


This star power makes Brock able to shot rockets who leaves a patch of fire that disappear after two seconds. Friendly flames appear blue and enemy flames appear red. This flames can do considerable damage while standing in it. Incendiary does not affect Brock his super.

Rocket no. Four

Brock gains an additional rocket in his ammo bar when having this star power on. This allows him to shot four rockets in a row without reloading. Brock’s reload speed remain the same but with the fourth projectile it takes 33 percent longer to fully reload.

LevelHealthDamageSuper damage
1280011001040 - 9360
2294011551092 - 9828
3308012101144 - 10296
4322012651196 - 10764
5336013201248 - 11232
6350013751300 - 11700
7364014301352 - 12168
8378014851404 - 12636
9 / 10392015401456 - 13104


  • Brock’s rockets are pretty slow and if you shot where your opponent is are use auto-aim then you will not hit him. Try to predict where is he gonna be when the missile reaches him.
  • Try not to play Brock on a covered map cause brawlers like Shelly or Bull can very easy ambush him. Try to play on maps like thousands lakes or scorched stone for example.
  • Always keep Brock behind a bigger brawler like Bull so that Bull takes the damage not Brock cause he is low health brawler.
  • Because of Brock’s very slow reload time, do not hit all your 3 or 4 shots cause this could bring a death from Piper or Colt who are also long range brawlers.
  • Use Brock’s super when there are more enemies at the same spot cause this could recharge you.
  • Brock is not a good brawler on Robo Rumble or Boss Fight cause his super can break the walls giving the robots a huge advantage
  • At close range Brock can easily defeat lower health brawlers like Colt or Crow by quick shooting three rockets.
  • Brock’s super can be very useful in Brawl Ball cause he can break the walls for his team to shoot easier and you do not have to go around the wall.


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