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Bo is a trophy road brawler unlocked at 3000 trophies as a trophy road reward. He has pretty high health and shoots explosive arrows who deals moderate damage at a long range. His reload speed is 1.7 seconds and Bo’s range is 8.33.


Bo shots three explosive arrows that deal pretty high damage to enemies within a small radius from their detonation point. They have a long range.

Super Attack 

When Bo uses his super, he throws three mines that explode after 1.15 seconds after being triggered by enemies. This mines deal a lot of damage, knocks back opponents and can destroy blocks. The traps are invisible to enemy brawlers after being placed but they have a short period of time when they can see the mines, this is while flying.

Star Powers

Circling Eagle

This powerful star power allows Bo to see 150% more in the bush which makes Bo extremely good on maps like Cavern Churn. His star power is shared to.

Snare a Bear

Bo’s mines stun opponents for 2 seconds instead of knock backing them which makes Bo’s enemies extremely vulnerable when stunned. The stun does not stack instead it will stars over when another mine hits an opponent. this makes it similar to Frank’s super.

LevelHealthDamageSuper damage
13600520 - 15601440 - 4320
23780546 - 16381512 - 4536
33960572 - 17161584 - 4752
44140598 - 17941656 - 4968
54320624 - 18721728 - 5184
64500650 - 19501800 - 5400
74680676 - 20281872 - 5616
84860702 - 21061944 - 5832
9 / 105040728 - 21842016 - 6048


  • Bo’s super can be used to defend critical paths. Enemy brawlers will take high damage when walking on a trap and get stunned. It can be used to defend gems in Gem Grab or if they are a lot of boxes in Showdown.
  • Bo’s circling eagle is very useful on maps like Cavern Churn or Feast or Famine cause this two maps have a lot of bush which makes Bo extremely powerful. If you play duo, you can play with a Shelly. Shelly is one the best brawlers on maps like this. When this two brawlers play together, there is a very high chance to win.
  • Bo’s mines have knockback that means that you can use them to knock back an enemy into the poison clouds or an angry robot or if they have the star power snare a bear it is even better for you cause you can finish them without any risk of dying.
  • Bo’s mines are lobbed and thus can be thrown over walls or other obstacles. This is good when you know there is an opponent or more hiding in a bush to you behind the wall. Try to threw it ahead of them, so they are forced to walk into it as they can not go through the wall.


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