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Tick - Thrower - Brawl Stars

Tick is a trophy road brawler that you can unlock as a trophy road reward when reaching 4000 trophies. He is a thrower, that means he can shot above walls. His range is 8.67, it is a pretty long range for a thrower but his reload speed is slow, 2.2 seconds


When Tick uses his normal attack, it will send three mines that can be thrown over walls and other obstacles. If nobody triggered the mine, it will automatically explode after two seconds.

Super Attack

When Tick uses his super, he detaches his head. Tick’s head will chase towards the nearest enemy. Upon reaching its target, it will explode, dealing devastating damage. If Tick’s head is destroyed before reaching his target, it will explode prematurely. The explosion can break obstacles to.

Star Powers

Well Oiled

This star power allows Tick to stars regenerating two seconds faster that means when other brawlers start regenerating in three seconds, Tick will be able to do this only in one second.

Automa-Tick Reload

This star power allows Tick to reload his main attack 10% faster, this means that Tick will be able to reload his ammo only in two seconds instead of 2.2 seconds.

LevelTick healthHead healthTick damageHead damage
627502000800-1600-2400 2500 
728602080832-1664-2496 2600 
829702160864-1728-2592 2700 
9 / 1030802240896-1792-2688 2800 

Tips and Tricks

  • Tick is the lowest health brawler in the game, in fact he is the only on who can be one-shot by an enemy without star power. Try to keep a long distance from opponents. I recommend you to hide behind a wall and shot from there cause his mines can be thrown over walls.
  • Tick is one of the best control brawlers. Try not to damage enemies directly, Instead of this, shot the mines where your opponent is gonna be cause this could take a higher amount of damage.
  • Do not forget that you enemies can still see your mines.
  • In the game modes that spawns items like Gem Grab or Siege, Tick can be used much like Barley in order to prevent your enemies to take the gem/bolt. This works to in Showdown if there is a high amount of power ups you can even use your super.
  • Since Tick is the lowest health brawler in the game, he is not the best brawler for Solo Showdown, but you can still use him on Duo Showdown preferable with an high health brawler that can take the damage.
  • In Showdown you can use your main attack to trap enemies in poison clouds as you blocate all their exit options. If they escape somehow, you should be able to finish them with your super cause Tick’s head move the fastest in Brawl Stars.


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