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Emz is a trophy road brawer, unlocked as a trophy road reward when reaching 8000 trophies. She has moderate health and the damage depends on the range. She reloads her ammo in 2.1 seconds and Emz and her range is only 6.67.


When Emz uses her main attack, she shots her hairspray at multiple enemies once, dealing moderate damage. Her hairspray deals damage every 0.5 seconds and lasts for 1.5 seconds.

Super Attack

Emz creates a cloud of toxicity around herself that slows down enemies and deals a small amount of damage to them. It is similar to Spike his super and nearly to Sandy her super but Emz can move around with it.

Star Powers

Bad Karma

Enemies that stays in Emz her super while active, suffer increasing, 20% damage per hit.


Enemies that get hit by Emz her super, will automatically regenerate Emz 300 health. The maximum of opponents that can heal is five.

LevelHealthDamageSuper damage
13600500 - 1000 - 1500200 / 1000
23780525 - 1050 - 1575210 / 1050
33960550 - 1100 - 1650220 / 1100
44140575 - 1150 - 1725230 / 1150
54320600 - 1200 - 1800240 / 1200
64500625 - 1250 - 1875250 / 1250
74680650 - 1300 - 1950260 / 1300
84860675 - 1350 - 2025270 / 1350
9 / 105040700 - 1400 - 2100280 / 1400


  • When using her super, try to use the super when the enemies are behind the wall this could block them a while to get to a special place. This works to in Brawl Ball cause it allows your opponents to have an speed boost when the enemies are getting slowed by the super.
  • If Emz is chasing you, try not to run away from her, instead of this try to get close to her cause so are you getting hit by only one spray instead of three.
  • Emz can deal better damage when in middle range so that short range brawlers such as Bull can not approach you. When you are close to Bibi, try to use her knockback, so that she will push you back and you still have a chance to live.
  • When using Emz super, use it when the enemies are near the edge so that they will be slowed down and you have a chance to hit them with all your attacks.
  • Emz is a great control brawler on game modes like Gem Grab or Brawl Ball. Use Emz to push the opponents back when thet want to collect the gems and slow them when they have the ball.
  • The slow from Emz her super is very useful when playing against Mortis, cause when he comes near, you can use your super and he will try to run back for a chance to live.


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