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Crystal Arcade map - Brawl Stars

On Crystal Arcade I mostly use Mr. P or Jessie because their range is middle to long range. They can reach the enemy bushes very easy. The bonus they both have is that their attack bounces to the next target. For example on Jessie would that be useful cause she can spot the enemies with her shots. I would use Bibi too even though she is a close range brawler.

Swirling Storm map

Swirling Storm is one of my favourite maps because it isn’t a map for long range brawlers. I usually don’t like them on gem grab. What Swirling Storm special made is the amount of bushes where close range brawlers love to hide. Brawlers that can shoot over the walls are very helpful to keep the enemies away from the gems.

Shabby Shells map -- Brawl Stars

On Shabby Shells I mostly play with Sandy because she wins very often, her Star Power are making her look bad. These Star Powers are just useless. Who I would never play are the brawlers on my black list. These Brawlers are: Bibi and Bull (as always) but this time the statistics say something I wouldn’t believe till i see it with my eyes. It is Colt.

Time Out map - Brawl Stars

The most used brawler on Time Out is like always Jessie because she can reach on mostly maps the enemies bush. Brawlers like Penny, Sandy, Poco and Bo are very good too because they can almost always reach the enemy bush too. Brawlers useless because they can’t get close are almost ever Bibi and Bull.

Escape Velocity map - Brawl Stars

This map (Escape Velocity) is very good for Jessie. She is the best brawler for Gem Grab. Her Star Powers are mostly (always) the most used once. On second you’ll find Poco with his awesome Star Powers on Gem Grab. The worst Star Powers are Crow’s and Leon’s.

Spare Space map - Brawl Stars

The Spare Space map is good for Jessie because she can shoot from her bush to the enemy bush. Brawlers like Carl, Penny, Sandy can do it also. If you reach the enemy side bush you are two blocks far from them. Each Brawlers will then be able to hit the enemies.

 Undermine map - Brawl Stars

The most used Brawlers on this map (Undermine) are Jessie and Piper. The most used Star Powers are also Jessie’s. And the biggest Win rate is Jessie’s. But she isn’t that good. I think the best brawler on Undermine might be Rosa. She can easily sneak in the bush on the sides then killing the closest enemy.


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