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Acute Angle map - Brawl Stars

Acute Angle is a recent map that is mostly used by Jessie. Her win rate is almost 60%. Her Star Powers are also the most used once on this Gem Grab map. Penny is also often used on this map because of her long range. Poco can be used too even if his damage output is not too big. His Star Powers are helping him a lot, Da Capo with its huge buff and Screeching Solo that still remains a good Star Power.

Tick is very used too because he is a thrower. At 600+ trophies each team should have thrower. Never use Bibi on this map. She has 45% Win rate.

Frank and Leon are also very bad because this a map with mostly long range brawlers. Doing a team on this map you need a close range brawler that goes on the enemy side and blocks them attacking the middle.

You need a thrower too that blocks their entrance. And of course a long rang brawler that guards the middle like Tara or Gene. The best team on this map might be Tara, Rosa and Tick.

I recommend you playing with a team not with randoms on Acute Angle. If you are playing with Bo then you should choose the Snare a Bear Star Power, Circling Eagle is useless because of the little bit of bush. If playing against a thrower always try to kill him first, he might be very annoying.


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