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 Undermine map - Brawl Stars

The most used Brawlers on this map (Undermine) are Jessie and Piper. The most used Star Powers are also Jessie’s. And the biggest Win rate is Jessie’s. But she isn’t that good. I think the best brawler on Undermine might be Rosa. She can easily sneak in the bush on the sides then killing the closest enemy.

That the best tactic with Rosa. Her Star Powers are helping her a lot. Plant Life mostly because when she gets a kill he has to recover her health. Where else besides bush. Healing in the bush with Plant Life is very good. Pam’s Star Power Mama’s Squeeze could be useful too. Mama’s Squeeze: When someone (an enemy) stands on Pam’s turret he is charged by 500 health.

If you throw it into the bush and the enemies get hurt. Poco is very useful too. He is a healer. His Star Powers are the third most used once Jessie’s and Bo’s. Brawlers that you should never use on Undermine are: Bibi because she never gets too close to kill somebody, or Barley because he is don’t needed and Shelly because hiding in the bush doesn’t help her, if she uses her super than is most of the bush on one side destroyed.

Frank is worse, he can’t shoot while moving that makes him very vulnerable. El Primo is very bad too because of the close range. The best team on this map might be: Poco the healer and gems carrier, Rosa hiding in the bush and making some easy kills and Jessie to be ready to protect Poco.


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