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Shabby Shells map -- Brawl Stars

On Shabby Shells I mostly play with Sandy because she wins very often, her Star Power are making her look bad. These Star Powers are just useless. Who I would never play are the brawlers on my black list. These Brawlers are: Bibi and Bull (as always) but this time the statistics say something I wouldn’t believe till i see it with my eyes. It is Colt.

Something unbelievable. Anyway he is too much used. Luckily the Star Powers are not so used. Another unbelievable thing is Shelly’s use rate. I’ve never seen on any map this huge chance. It is over 17.5%. Even if her Win rate is under 49%. Some other very bad Brawlers are Leon and Spike.

Spike should be very good because his attack and the Star Powers are good too: Fertilize and Curveball. Some brawlers that are not at all used are Piper, Colt and Brock. Mostly long range brawlers because their range is not needed. Since Bea has been added she is very loved on Shabby Shells.

I would play Spike because his Star Powers are very usefull and perfect to reach enemies in hidden bushes. His other Star Powers would be useless. In the same team I would put Gene. They are perfect together. Gene can protect him and grab the gems. He (Gene) could grab the while being protected by Carl. This team would keep the enemies far and has a huge win rate (86%). 


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