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Swirling Storm map

Swirling Storm is one of my favourite maps because it isn’t a map for long range brawlers. I usually don’t like them on gem grab. What Swirling Storm special made is the amount of bushes where close range brawlers love to hide. Brawlers that can shoot over the walls are very helpful to keep the enemies away from the gems.

I mostly use Mr. P for that because of the suitcase the he shoots if it hits something it bounces over the obstacle. As I already said long range brawlers like Piper, Colt or Brock should not be played. I also love to play with Frank on Swirling Storm. When he uses his super no one knows what will happen next. He can just hide in a bush and when an opponent comes use the super.

It is fully unexpected. Same with Shelly. On the same team with Frank I would put Gene. Most people count him as a long range Brawler but I think it is more a middle range brawler. If he hits the target it deals enough damage to make the enemy scared. Two more shoots and he is dead.

Genes Super is also useful because it can pull back the gems carrier of the enemy team. This should be enough for a countdown. Frank + Gene are very good but if you add Leon the team is perfect. He can sneak into the side bushes. I played a lot with this combo on Swirling Storm and I almost never lost.


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