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Crystal Arcade map - Brawl Stars

On Crystal Arcade I mostly use Mr. P or Jessie because their range is middle to long range. They can reach the enemy bushes very easy. The bonus they both have is that their attack bounces to the next target. For example on Jessie would that be useful cause she can spot the enemies with her shots. I would use Bibi too even though she is a close range brawler.

If the enemies don’t know she hides there she could deal a lot of damage and keep the enemies away from the gems spawner. I think Spike is very good too. His shots deal a lot of damage when all the cactuses reach the target. Emz or Pam would be useful too. Their range are perfect for Crystal Arcade.

As a gems collector I would use Gene on Crystal Arcade because as spike or other long range brawlers he can keep the enemies away. Not that others wouldn’t be able to do that but his range is the longest of any brawler. One of the most used combo is Spike as a gems collector, Bibi to push the enemies away and Penny because her shots deal enough damage to take ¼ of the life of a thrower.

Throwers are bad on this map because they have no walls to hide behind. Anyway Pam is also very good on Crystal Arcade because her super and her shoots are overpowered. Her range and Star Powers are perfect too. I would use her on this map. My favourite combo on Crystal Arcade is Pam, Spike and Penny. They have a 92% winning rate which is unbelievable big.


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